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Readings In Military History
Full-text of articles by NYMAS members


NEW    The Irish Civil War, 1922-1923: 
A Military Study of the Conventional Phase,

a paper delivered to NYMAS on December 11, 1998
by Paul V. Walsh
Temple University


German and English Propaganda
in World War I

a paper given to NYMAS on December 1, 2000
by Jonathan A. Epstein

CUNY Graduate Center/NYMAS

Some Thoughts on the Japanese Naval Airforce Land Based Bomber Program
by Dwight Cox

Click here for Steven Zaloga's articleDefending the Kremlin: The First Generation of Soviet Strategic Air Defense Systems 1950-60 by Steven J. Zaloga   (This article appeared originally in the Journal of Slavic Military Studies.)

Soviet Tank Operations
in the Spanish Civil War
by Steven J. Zaloga


CGAkay.jpg (147305 bytes)

The United States Coast Guard Auxiliary: From Past to Present
by C. Kay Larson



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Source Materials
in Military History
Full-text articles and books

Guilford Courthouse

National Park Service, Handbook 30, 1961


Click here to read the article

Vietnam: Cease Fire To Capitulation
Author: Capt. William E. Le Gro
US Army Center of Military History
Chapters 1-6  |  7-12  |  13-18

Korea, 1950-51  The Changjin Journal:
The Chosin Campaign

From Iwon to Chosin: A Photo Essay 

History of the Chosin Story  New

Editor: Colonel George A. Rasula, USA (Ret .)

Click here for AAF Combat Units

Air Force Combat Units of World War II

NEW: complete 506 page work, keyword searchable 


Edited by Maurer Maurer ; USAF Historical Division, Air University, Washington :Date: 1986

Parts  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  | 6  |  7  |  8  |



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